Bread and Flour

2 weeks ago | 1 min

The Bread and Flour Regulations 1998 lay down labelling and compositional standards for bread and flour. The regulations define terms such as ‘wholemeal’ and ‘self-raising’.

Iron, niacin, thiamine and calcium must be added to wheat flour (except wholemeal) that’s produced in or imported into England. These rules aim to protect the public’s health.

From 1 October 2022, bread imported from the EEA to England must not contain or have been prepared with flour bleaching agents.

Bread labelled or advertised as:

  • ‘wholemeal’ must contain 100% wholemeal flour
  • wheat germ’ must have at least 10% added processed wheat germ

Bread in England can continue to be used and sold where it does not meet these rules after 1 October 2022 if it was both:

  • lawfully marketed in an EEA country (even if it originally came from a non-EEA country)
  • imported at any time before 1 October 2022

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