Meat Product Content Declaration

3 weeks ago | 2 mins

A meat product is any product that contains meat as an ingredient. 

A declaration of how much of the product is made of meat in the form of a percentage is required. This is referred to as a quantitative ingredient declaration (QUID). 

Non-prepacked foods are not affected by any other QUID requirements, only the percentage of meat (please note, the non-prepacked QUID meat declaration requirement does not apply in a catering setting)

In the case of products that do not have an ingredients list the QUID should be presented as a statement specifying the type and amount of meat – for example, ‘X% meat’. 

Where more than one type of meat has been used there must be a quantitative ingredient declaration for each – for example, ‘X% chicken, X% pork’. 

The QUID can alternatively be given in the name of the product – for example, ‘Sausage roll (20% pork)’.


  • Meat in a deli or sausage rolls in a bakery counter sold PPDS or loose (NPP) would require a meat content declaration. 
  • A café or restaurant selling a pie, for example, would not need to be labelled with the meat content % (but they would need to comply with the compositional requirements for meat products, for example the % of beef in a beefburger). 
  • A café catering setting with a front of shop bakery counter, as well as café seating, a meat content declaration would be required if meat products are sold loose/ non pre-packed or PPDS– for example with PPDS/ NPP sausage rolls to purchase from the bakery counter.

For PPDS, the meat content declaration (QUID) should be on the label. It can be as a percentage in brackets in the ingredients list after the name of the ingredient e.g. ‘Pork (80%)’ Or it can be given as a statement in or next to the name of the food e.g. ‘containing 80% pork’.

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