PPDS & Distance Selling

3 weeks ago | 1 min

The labelling requirements do not apply to PPDS food sold by distance means (eg. purchased over the phone or on the internet).

Businesses selling PPDS food this way will need to ensure that mandatory allergenĀ information is available to the consumer before they purchase the product and also at the moment of delivery.

Allergen information must be provided:

  • before the purchase of the food is completed – this can be in writing (on a website, catalogue or menu) or orally (by phone)
  • when the food is delivered – this can be in writing (allergen stickers on food or an enclosed copy of a menu) or orally (by phone)
  • Allergen information should be available to a customer in written form at a point between a customer placing the order and taking delivery of it.
  • Takeaway meals should be labelled clearly so customers know which dishes are suitable for those with an allergy.

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