Requirements for Pre Packed Food – Presentation

2 weeks ago | 1 min

Mandatory information must be clear, legible and indelible. It must be presented on the packaging, on a label attached to the packaging or on a label visible through the packaging.

Mandatory information cannot be hidden in any way; therefore having the information on parts of the packaging that need to be peeled up, unfolded, are only visible when the product is open, etc is not permitted for mandatory information. 

Mandatory information must be large enough to be legible so there is a minimum font size of an x-height of 1.2 mm, which means that the lower-case x for whatever font size you are using cannot be smaller than 1.2 mm. 

In the case of very small products (those whose largest surface is less than 80 cm2) the x-height is reduced to 0.9 mm 

Mandatory information must be indelible

All mandatory information must be in English (labelling in other languages in addition to English labelling may be used)

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