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The purpose

The Safe to Trade Scheme (STTS) was launched in direct response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, to help businesses instil consumer and worker confidence that that they can reopen and trade safely.

The Scheme will:

  • Give the consumer and workforce the confidence that the business has been independently verified that it has gone above and beyond the Government guidance, and they have a system to continually monitor standards
  • Allow consumers and workers to anonymously feedback and rate the performance of the businesses’ controls via the STTS rating webpage or online
  • Create a Register of business names and addresses maintained by the Administrator - Shield Safety Group (SSG). The register can be provided to regulators, to assist in their requirement to risk rate businesses for official visits and focus on non compliant businesses
  • Use compliance software and app to conduct and record ongoing checks and monitoring of controls
  • Enable the management of the business to undertake COVID-19 eLearning
  • Access a COVID-19 Advice Line staffed by expert Environmental Health Practitioners who will provide practical advice and support
  • Perform a self-assessment, including use of COVID-19 risk assessment template, that is independently verified
  • Provide the standard for the business to be audited against the Safety Charter
  • Provide a comprehensive certification pack to support promotion of 'approved’ status to customers and workers. The pack includes: a printed certificate, window stickers; plus a digital registered certification marque

How it works

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What you get

Business receives welcome email

containing self-assessment, FAQ, access to e-Learning

Assessor reviews your self assessment

Business receives audit report

Pass or Improvements required

Business receives media pack

containing window sticker, certificate, web pack

What you do

Business completes the self assessment

containing COVID-19 risk assessment, self assessment checklist, health declaration & re-opening checks

Business attends remote audit

with SSG auditor

Business closes any non-conformances

verified by auditor

Safe to trade register status

Awaiting Assessment


Improvements required

Customer and workforce feedback
Ongoing Monitoring
Access to COVID-19 advice line

What is included?

Join the Safe to Trade Scheme and, you will gain immediate access to a range of services and guidance from our expert team of safety practitioners:

  • Access award-winning compliance software through our App
  • Remote management of due diligence checklists and ongoing compliance controls
  • COVID-19 eLearning and training for managers
  • Protect your business from the risks associated with COVID-19 with in-depth training for managers within your business
  • Access the COVID-19 Advice Line
  • Expert advice from our seasoned Environmental Health Practitioners
  • Remote Audit against the Safe to Trade charter
  • Perform safety due diligence and provide evidence to customers and colleagues that their safety is now a commitment
  • Media Pack
  • Official Registered Status c/o Display Certificate, Window Sticker and Registered Certification Marque to display your Safe to Trade status and reassure consumers & colleagues
  • Listed on the Safe to Trade Register, available to Local Authorities
  • Proof of a commitment to managing COVID-19 within your business and your continued commitment to safety performance

Safety Charter

The Safety Charter defines the standard created by the Scheme's Governance Board and includes the following information.

  • Purpose
  • Process
  • Self-assessment
  • Remote audit
    • STTS auditor standards
    • Audit Quality Assurance (QA) process
    • Audit Appeal process
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • COVID-19 eLearning training
  • Advice line
  • STTS register
  • Consumer STTS rating
  • Governance
    • Responsibilities
    • Board Members
    • Advisory Committee
    • Performance Reporting
  • Media Pack

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