The Hospitality Industry Food Safety and Hygiene Standard

For the hospitality industry, Safe to Trade speaks volumes to your customers and your local authority, and demonstrates your commitment to food safety and hygiene.

What is it?

The Hospitality Industry Food Safety and Hygiene Standard (the Food Safety Standard) against which a food business operator is audited is consistent with requirements specified in national and international food safety and hygiene standards.

The Food Safety Standard is approved by the Safe to Trade® Technical Standards Committee who have expertise and experience in the application of food safety management systems in hospitality, the development of food safety and hygiene standards and the enforcement of food safety and hygiene regulations. It has assured advice by Milton Keynes Primary Authority.

The document contains full details of the Food Safety Standard requirements and best practices. It also explains the audit protocol and scheme rules that apply to food business operators.

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What does the Food Safety Standard cover?

The Food Safety Standard details the practices, management controls and structural requirements that are needed to ensure the food within the businesses is sourced, stored, prepared, cooked and served safely.

Practice and procedures

How the food business operator manages cleaning, personal hygiene and practices including temperature control, date labelling, cooking and delivery procedures.

Cross contamination controls

The controls required to prevent the physical, chemical, biological and allergenic contamination of food within the business.

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Structure and maintenance

Encompassing the design, layout, construction and maintenance of the food premises, including pest control and personnel facilities.

Food information and composition control

Covers the management of allergens in the business and declaration of allergens to consumers of the food.

Food safety management system performance

The documented procedures based on the HACCP principles and monitoring records maintained to demonstrate compliance with food safety practices.

Confidence in management performance

The attitude and performance of the food business operator, demonstrating a positive and proactive approach and continually improving food safety.

Consumer requirements

Ths section focuses on the areas which customers frequent, the requirements include observations on structural damage, cleanliness, and bathroom facilities.

Going beyond the standard

How the business uses best or good practices to go ‘above and beyond’ in meeting food safety and hygiene legislative requirements.

Download your copy of the Standard