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It’s time to set a standard in food safety for the hospitality industry.

The next time you shop, dine or book, lookout for the Safe to Trade® shield. It means the business has ticked all the safety boxes to keep you safe.

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What is Safe to Trade®?

Safe to Trade® is an initiative to improve food safety for consumers, here to champion food safety for the whole hospitality industry. Aiming to be the first voluntary third-party assurance scheme designed specifically for the hospitality industry, it sets the benchmark in food safety and hygiene. 

Independently and impartially assessed, governed to the highest level, and rigorously aligned to the latest food safety and hygiene regulations, the scheme allows businesses to clearly show their commitment to high standards and effective monitoring.

Is your favourite place Safe to Trade®?

Greater peace of mind for you

You can be confident that hygiene standards are high and your food has been prepared in the best possible conditions, so you can get on with what really matters: relaxing and enjoying great hospitality. What’s more with an online public register, you can get involved, share your experience and see when a business has had feedback, too.