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What it means for you and your family

There is nothing more important than people’s health. That is why Safe to Trade is devoted to driving world-class food standards. It’s the holistic standard that addresses every aspect of safety, from best practices and exemplary hygiene to allergen safety and more.

When you see the logo, you can be confident that the hospitality business you choose is meeting the highest standards and putting the safety of you and your family first.

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A little more about Safe to Trade and the register

Safe to Trade certification means that a business is aligned with the very latest food safety and hygiene regulations. To become ‘Safe to Trade’ a business will have been audited by a fully qualified and certified professional with the highest possible expertise, giving peace of mind to consumers and businesses.

Safe to Trade works alongside the existing Food Hygiene Rating Scheme but with several key differences in place to afford consumers the highest level of protection. Firstly, Safe to Trade requires a business to be checked every year. In addition, each business is consistently assessed against a robust set of important criteria, and across every aspect of food safety and hygiene, including front-of-house cleanliness, allergen information and giving increased value to notable consumer food claims such as, kosher, halal, vegan, gluten-free etc’. Not least, with Safe to Trade consumers can rate a business and share insights on their experience. Putting you in control.

Safe to Trade is the future of food safety.