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What is Safe to Trade?

Everyone has a right to expect the very best food standards; for people’s health, for the well-being of our communities and to reduce the burden on the NHS freeing up much-needed resources. Safe to Trade is here to make that change.

Safe to Trade is the first voluntary, third-party assurance scheme for the UK hospitality sector designed to protect and care for the public. It's there to drive the highest standards and protect people’s health.

It helps everyone make informed decisions about where to eat, and at the same time, it helps businesses build trust and deliver amazing experiences for their consumers. By choosing to eat out in places that are ‘Safe to Trade’ certified, you are protecting the health of yourself and your family and helping to make the world a safer place to eat.

How does it work

Save to Trade is collaborative, listens and engages with consumers, business operators and industry partners. It recognises everyone’s role in raising food safety awareness and standards.

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For consumers

Safe to Trade gives confidence and peace of mind that they are protected. The Safe to Trade register allows consumers to make informed decisions about where to eat, and importantly to leave feedback about their experiences to help others. Giving everyone a powerful role in driving the highest standards.

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For operators

Safe to Trade helps ensure a robust due diligence is achieved and can be easily demonstrated. It shows a commitment to high standards and monitoring, protecting their customers and their business. Being Safe to Trade certified builds trust, encourages positive feedback and customer loyalty.

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For regulators and certification bodies

Safe to Trade sets new standards, giving assurance that an operator is supported and focused on the highest standards of food safety and compliance. Additionally giving access to key insights to support risk profiling and planning.

Did you know...


Safe to Trade is the first voluntary third-party assurance programme for the hospitality sector.


Safe to Trade builds on the core requirement of the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, requiring yearly robust inspections, including additional assessments such as allergen safety, labelling and front-of-house cleanliness.


To conduct Safe to Trade udits, the Certification Body must meet very high standards. Our first, Shield Safety, has a national team of Environmental Health Officers that conduct tens of thousands of audits every year across the UK, working some the largest hospitality operators.