How to label ‘Pre-Packed for Direct Sale’ Food

3 weeks ago | 1 min

The required information must be printed on the outside of the product or on a label attached to the outside of the product.

Labels can be printed or handwritten

The information must be clear, legible and indelible; it must not be obscured or hidden – for example, the information cannot be inside the packaging.

Mandatory information must be large enough to be legible so there is a minimum font size of an x-height of 1.2 mm, which means that the lower-case x for whatever font size cannot be smaller than 1.2 mm.

In the case of very small products (those whose largest surface is less than 80 cm2) the x-height is reduced to 0.9 mm

QR codes or links to a website are not permitted in place of providing the information on the label.

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