Food, flavourings and food additives with a list of ingredients

7 months ago | 1 min

Where the food consists of more than one ingredient the words ‘Genetically modified’ or ‘Produced from genetically modified [name of the ingredient]’, must appear in brackets immediately after the name of the ingredient concerned. For example, a biscuit containing soya flour derived from GM soya must be labelled ‘Contains soya flour produced from genetically modified soya’.

Where ingredients are designated by a category, the designation must be completed by the words ‘Contains genetically modified [name of organism]’ or ‘Contains [name of ingredient] produced from genetically modified [name of organism]’ and must appear in the list of ingredients. For example, for vegetable oils containing rape seed oil produced from genetically modified rape, the reference ‘Contains rape seed oil produced from genetically modified rape’ must appear in the list of ingredients.

For both of these, the indications may appear in a footnote to the list of ingredients, provided that they are printed in a font of at least the same size as the list of ingredients. Where there is no list of ingredients, they must appear clearly on the labelling.

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