How should buffet food be labelled?

6 months ago | 1 min

Whether food at a hot counter or buffet is affected by the PPDS rules depends on the specific set up.  

The PPDS rules apply to food that is packed before the consumer orders it at the site at which it is sold. If this is not the case, and the food is packed to order on site, or is not in packaging, the food is considered non-prepacked. If this is the case, existing allergen information requirements apply.

If food is offered in the form of a buffet, allergen information should be provided for each food item separately on the buffet.

If the buffet food is prepacked before it has been ordered by the consumer, a full ingredient list is required to be provided directly on the product packaging or a label attached to the packaging with allergens emphasised within the ingredients list.

If the food is ordered in advance and then packed on the day of collection, this is not PPDS.

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